Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Zipper Jewelry at Jodi Arnold Boutique

Please visit Jodi Arnold's Manhattan location, at 56 University Place, to view a collection of Kate's Zipper Jewelry. [Please note: Kate was invited as a guest designer for a limited time. As of November 2010, her collection is no longer available through the Jodi Arnold Boutiques.]

Jodi Arnold is a "fashion brand dedicated to the intelligent woman. Every season our customer can expect unique details and interesting interpretations that they won't find everywhere."

Also, please check out Jodi Arnold's online culture magazine, Shared Discovery, for an interview with Kate Cusack.

Jodi explains that Shared Discovery "is the spirit of our brand; it is everything that inspires our clothes and accessories. It is an ongoing narrative of the hidden cultural gems that motivate us and spark the creativity behind our design."