Friday, May 8, 2015

Zipper Jewelry at the Hermitage Museum Presented by Hardy's | The Art of Jewelry

Spiral © 2015 Kate Cusack

Hardy's | The Art of Jewelry, a unique jewelry gallery and store in Virginia Beach, wants to change the way people view jewelry. "It's not just a commodity tied to the value of a metal or gem. Jewelry is an art-form – a medium of expression meant to be worn."

Hardy's | The Art of Jewelry presents Kate Cusack's Zipper Jewelry in conjunction with Above the Fold: New Expressions in Origami at the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk, VA. "Paper is transformed into dramatic sculpture, large-scale installations and conceptual works that express contemporary social, political, aesthetic, and cultural dialogues."

As paper is transformed into origami in the hands of an artist, Kate transforms another ordinary material – zippers – into innovative, elegant pieces of jewelry. Please visit the Hermitage Museum to view an installation of Kate's Zipper Jewelry and experience your own connections between the two art-forms.

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May 9 through July 26, 2015

Hermitage Museum
7637 North Shore Road 
Norfolk, Virginia 23505

Many thanks to Betsy Hardy for her vision and for making this exhibition possible.