Thursday, February 11, 2010

Zipper Jewelry featured in Forbes Life (China) Magazine

Below are a few questions from the interview:

How did you think of using zipper to make jewelry?
My specific fascination with zippers comes from my general love of transforming ordinary materials into wearable objects of art.The pieces that I create are made from seemingly mundane materials and come to life when they are worn. The body is my canvas: I am fascinated by adornment, and excess. I am inspired by the repetition of ordinary items. I enjoy the sense of humor in elevating an ordinary item into something extraordinary.
When I see one item repeated in large quantity or in an extreme size, I start to see it in its very basic visual form. I begin to make associations based on shape, color and texture and I am freed from traditional restrains about what that item or material should be used for.

Can you say something about the sale of Zipper Jewelry?
Traditional jewelry, made with precious stones and metals, has a specific value attached to it because of the materials involved. Because the basic material of Zipper Jewelry is not highly valued like a diamond, the price of the Zipper Jewelry is derived from the value of the creativity and skill necessary to create it.

Do you ever think of using precious stone and noble metal as material to make jewelry?
Because I am not trained as a metal-smith or a traditional jeweler, I don’t consider precious stones or metal as materials for my work. I am more interested in working with unlikely materials and transforming them into new creations. There is an exciting “a-ha” moment when someone realizes that there is more to the design they are looking at.

Do you think luxurious jewelry is more attractive? Why?
I think there is a very special place for luxurious, traditional jewelry using metals and precious stones. It is a very different experience to wear traditional jewelry than to wear art-jewelry. I don’t necessarily think one is more attractive than the other. Good design and clever ideas are what make something attractive, to me. In my Zipper Jewelry, I make reference to traditional jewelry, but I add a twist of creativity, which makes it exciting and daring.