Saturday, March 7, 2009

Zipper Jewelry featured in New Zealand Magazine: M2Woman

From M2Woman:
"Costume designer, professional window dresser and jewellery designer. It's true that some people have all the luck, and in the case of Kate Cusack, much of the talent, too. As a costumier, her work is seen treading the boards from the East to the West coasts of America, but it is her zipper jewellery that garners the most air miles.

The collection consists of pins, necklaces and bracelets, each with a unique design crafted by the Brooklyn-based Cusack. Available online worldwide, customers can pick and choose from a behemoth of colour combinations to suit their wardrobe. As we power through this era of depleted means, now's probably not the best time to rock those ostentatious jewels. A zipper that is normally hidden or disguised as decoration? Well, that's just good sense."